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March 7, 2016 - "Woman of the Day"

#BZDWIP Anju Bagga Narang - "Special mention Woman Today"
Dear friends, I had a lovely evening learning about this wonderful #BZDesiWomaninPardes named Anju Bagga Narang from California, USA.

It is her continuous effort in creating a positive change in the lives of people with special needs through her customized #YOGA consultations, that makes her today's special mention in the group. Let us all wish her a very happy birthday and best wishes for a more fulfilling days ahead!

​NOW it's your time to think about doing things for self.  The soul searching to discover the true YOU and find answers - "How I can actually make a difference in my own life and celebrate being the woman myself". Share your story with   others or feel the motivation through someone's positivity. The group is for any busy woman across the globe. Your action is sure to  inspire some women, almost forgetting their worth in this fast paced life....

BZ Desi Women in Pardes or BZDWIP

​​My voice speaks your thoughts to the world.... Get Found!

​​TRISHA Mukhopadhyay

Fearless Speaker Engaging, Persuading and Moving People to action

Here is Who I am and Why I do What I do:

Born a soldier’s daughter, traveled throughout the Indian sub-continent, experienced cultural diversity, befriended strangers, learned to acknowledge, appreciate and embrace the differences that make us who we are. Trisha ever since a little girl, dreamt of inspiring people to stand up for themselves, be their own leaders and make a positive change in their lives and create a world where everyone can live happily together with love, respect and care for one another. She leaves no stones unturned in connecting with people globally, sharing their positive messages that can bring communities together. Today, Trisha speaks, mentors and inspires people to share their extraordinary story with the rest of the world. She empowers women and the youth with communication skills to become their own leaders. She pushes her own abilities to hear the unsaid, see the invisible, taste the unfamiliar, smell the nostalgia and use the power of her voice to touch souls. She responded to her inner calling of empowering people with leadership skills by starting FOR ALL WOMEN (BZDWIP), an online forum for women to come together, use the power of their voice, uplift each other, break their self-imposed barriers, and take charge of their lives and also LISTEN2TALK a youth leadership program for school age children.
​Year 2010, she decided to give an-hour-a-week back to the community and hence started a motivational and empowerment weekly talk show titled Bindaas - The Extraordinary Commoner from a New Jersey-based South Asian radio station. Her topics for her talks and her weekly radio shows range from current events, sports to technology and from stories about people she meets to the places she travels. Her professional, social and real life experience interacting with people globally has enriched her endeavors and given her a unique perspective that she is now offering through her voice.
Your contributions to Let TrishaSpeaks Humanity Again will go towards efforts that will not just help her initiatives to reach out to people who are making a difference in others lives across the globe and to bring their work forward. Here is a link where you can donate: You can read more on Trisha Mukhopadhyay and her initiatives at www.trishaconnects.com.Type your paragraph here.