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​​TRISHA Mukhopadhyay

Fearless Speaker Engaging, Persuading and Moving People to action

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Meet Trisha (TM) Maitra Mukhopadhyay

Trisha is a Motivational Speaker, Leadership Coach, Social Media Influencer, Radio personality, and a committed mother of two.  Best known as a Fearless Speaker with a true passion for creating an effective and positive learning environment and motivating people to take action to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives, Trisha's timeless appeal as a broadcaster can be best experienced live; whether you watch her social media channel live streams or listen to her inspirational storytelling on-air show, “An Extraordinary Commoner” that focuses on trending news and events, sports and technology and human interest stories. The show capitalizes on Trisha’s skills as Spokesperson and provides a platform for the discussion of myriad relevant topics of the day. It airs at 1 pm EST Saturday on EBC Radio from New Jersey, USA.

Born and raised in the Indian sub-continent as a soldier’s daughter, Trisha speaks, mentors and inspires people to realize their potential. She pushes herself to hear the unsaid, see the invisible, taste the unfamiliar, smell nostalgia and use the power of her voice to touch souls. Trisha responded to her inner calling of empowering people with leadership skills by starting FOR ALL WOMEN (BZDWIP), an online networking group of women entrepreneurs to come together, use the power of their voices to break their self-imposed barriers, uplift each other, and take charge of their lives. Trisha also conducts leadership workshops LISTEN2TALK for the youth. At present, She is President of the world-renowned, non-profit Speaking Club, Toastmasters International. She is also on the board of the Asian Indian American Advisory Committee at AARP, and the board of Bengali Kids of Princeton Area in New Jersey, and a dynamic member of the Metro New York Chapter of the US National Committee for UN (United Nations) Women.

Be it live broadcasting, training sessions or keynote speeches, Trisha has a sincere commitment to meet the group’s specific needs. She works with people at all levels of an organization, from entry-level employees through C-level executives. Her background in training and development with a wide variety of clients gives her the ability to flex her style in order to enhance her clients’ learning experience. She has trained in a wide array of industries, including retail, hospitality, logistics, staffing, medical transportation, finance, technology, healthcare, and education. Trisha has made a name for herself as a Cause-Spokesperson, Youth Leadership Coach, Radio personality, and a highly sought-after multi-cultural Events Consultant. She executes speeches for leading companies in varying fields including: Diversity and Inclusiveness, Teamwork and Team building, Time and Conflict Management, Organizational Development and Change Management, Women and Youth Leadership, Digital Lifestyle for Senior Citizens etc. She brings a vast range of experiences with her humor, enthusiasm and product knowledge in her energetic and dynamic presentations. Trisha's professional, social and real life experience interacting with people globally has enriched her endeavors and given her a unique perspective that she offers through her voice.